Who we Are

StarParks founded on March 20, 2019, is a parent group that manages and builds up multiple parks, so we currently have 2 servers and 3 parks .. WalibiCraft, AdventureWorld & AdventureResort.

StarParks consists of a close team of +10 members. We offer the players a qualitative player experience and that is why we place a high priority on our guests, we try to solve all problems almost immediately so that the guest is not bothered by it.

Actually it started at WalibiCraft, after a while the board members had the idea to do more than just WalibiCraft and so “StarParks” was created with the idea of ​​forming a large community, how do we want to do that? Every park in Minecraft can register to join StarParks, when a park is adopted to the group it will benefit from the knowledge and experience of members within StarParks, do you have trouble with systems? No problem, StarParks lends its own staff to help you! Do you want to have something built? No problem! Even then we lend our builders! But also in the field of running a server, we offer professional advice to help you increase the quality of your park. We provide advice on social media, hosting, and what you should and should not do.